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All songs written and recorded by Stephen Farris and Alex Cardenas in an apartment by the water.


I'm killing roaches with Bic lighters
Fighter pilots with hang gliders.
The same fight or flight complex
Nonsense for the fame writers.
We tamed the bully up the block
And stole his milk money,
Now he says that he found God
And I thinks still funny, real funny.

I'm hunting rats I give my money to the upper-class
a dozen cats fight outside my door each night
for mating rights.
It's the type of off-white glow you see from safety lights
I think we might start a fire for the sake of being right.
Fuck it, none of us can sleep at night
None of us can see the explosion when the fuse ignites.
We all try to fly despite opposing forces right?
I think we need to learn to walk before the gift of flight.

I could have asked the dancer why she danced in The clouds, what's her motive?
As if the history of lucid dreams were serene
When the book was opened.

Sometimes I can't describe
A pale moon on a bad night.
So I grab at the thought of a buck,
No luck, well that's life.
You're my artificial flower,
Cat fights and bagpipes.
It was everything I needed
Complete with landmines.
It was a Howard Roark complex
And an honest view combined.
I'm a makeshift Shakespeare
Vacant, patient, waste of time.
It was the last one whistling
An old song that came to mind.
While everything that happened last week
Is in the backseat,
Time to ride.


from Farris & Himself EP, track released January 6, 2011



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Farris & Himself Houston, Texas

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